How Moosehead Beer Works June 17, 2021 June 17, 2021 admin

The world’s first brewery and brewpub is about to open in New York City. 

The Moosehead Brewing Company is a partnership between BrewDog, the New York-based company that owns the New York Times Beer Guide, and Moosehead, the New Jersey-based brewery which specializes in IPAs. 

Moist head brewer Matt Krahn says he believes Moos is a step towards bringing a lot of beer back to the states. 

“I think the market is looking for a lot more of these small, local craft brewers.

The thing is we’ve got to make that beer locally. 

I’m excited to be the first to tell you that Moos will be one of the best craft breweries to open here in New Jersey,” Krahn said. 

Brewdog announced earlier this year that they will be expanding into Jersey, where they will be opening a new brewery called Moonglobe, in Spring 2019. 

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann)BrewDog’s Moonglobes will serve up beers that were brewed at Mooses brewery in Newark. 

In 2017, Moos brewed a limited batch of Double IPA at Mooney’s Farmhouse Beer tasting in Newark, NJ. 

They will also be tapping a limited batch of Moofish Imperial Stout at a brewing event in Middlesex in 2018. 

Moos has already opened its first brewery in Nashville, Tennessee, and has plans to open a beer tasting in Portland, Oregon, by 2019.

Moos has also announced plans to open a smaller beer garden in Jerseys next spring.

 “We’re going to open the first brewery here in NJ and we’re going out to Oregon to open our first beer garden,” Matt Kahn told Bleacher Report. 

With a new brewery and taproom opening, Moons will also be opening a franchise in 2019.