Bud Light Beer to sell for 50% cheaper in Israel July 14, 2021 July 14, 2021 admin

The Bud Light beer will be sold for 50 cents less in Israel than it would be in the US, the Israeli Beer Authority said Wednesday, after US brewers complained that they could not compete.

The change in price is the latest twist in the bitter row between Israel and the US over Bud Light, which is banned in Israel and some Arab countries.

Israel, however, argues that it is not violating any trade agreements, and US officials have long accused the beer of hurting local beer sales.

Bud Light has been selling in Israel since 2011.

The beer is made by the Israeli craft brewer Oskar Blues, which was bought by Budweiser in 2010 for $1.9 billion.

Israel’s beer consumption has been declining in recent years, as consumers shift to wine, which has a higher alcohol content and is cheaper.

The US-based beer company said it would also lower the price of the beer in Israel.

Israel Beer Authority chief spokesman Yael Regev said the beer will sell for half the price in Israel as it does in the United States.

Israel is trying to attract more US beer drinkers, who have become increasingly critical of its trade embargo and have expressed concerns over the country’s role in the war in Syria.

Israel also hopes that the increased American beer consumption will boost its economy, Regec said.

Budweisers, which make beer from barley, wheat and oats, sell in the $10-12 US a bottle range, with Bud Light a slightly lower price point of $10.

Budlight is a brand of Bud Light brewed by Oskars Biergarten brewery in Germany.

The company also owns a popular American brand called Budweis that is brewed with a mixture of barley and hops.