Gold beer belly to be unveiled in Dublin next week July 29, 2021 July 29, 2021 admin

Dublin will host a beer belly on Thursday to celebrate its 500th anniversary, in the latest development in the city’s bid to return to the glory days of the 20th century.

Bud Light Ireland said on Monday that it was planning a “gold beer belly” to celebrate the occasion.

It is a “historic day” and an opportunity to celebrate Dublin’s 500th birthday, the brewer said in a statement.

Bike and bike-sharing have become a big part of the Dublin lifestyle.

In recent years, the city has become a hub for bicycle and bike commuting and is home to the world’s largest urban bike share system, known as CycloCycle.

However, the number of cyclists has fallen dramatically, with some estimates putting the number down to just one per cent.

The Dublin City Council has been trying to revitalise the city, with plans to build new cycle paths, parks and public spaces.

The beer belly is set to be launched at 8.30am.