Samuel Adams beer in a beer box July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

Samuel Adams Brewing Company is partnering with Bud Light to offer its signature Samuel Adams beers in a “beer box.”

The brewery is offering Sam Adams’ Samuel Adams IPA and Sam Adams IPA Gold to customers who purchase a Bud Light Bud Light Box.

The beer box will be available in select Bud Light stores in the United States and Canada beginning April 18.

“We’ve had a huge reaction to Bud Light’s new line of Bud Light Beer Boxes,” said Sam Adams Co-Founder and CEO, Rob Koch in a statement.

“Sam Adams fans have been asking us to make them for a while and now they have a new, innovative option for their Bud Light box.”

Samuel Adams’ Sam Adams Beer Box is expected to debut in stores across the country this summer.

The beer box was inspired by the new Bud Light line of beer.

The new line includes Sam Adams beers, which can be enjoyed in their original boxes or in “buzz boxes” which are made of a soft plastic that can be flipped over to reveal a selection of beers.