How to craft your own beer festival August 7, 2021 August 7, 2021 admin

The city of St. Petersburg has been working to create a beer festival for more than a year.

It’s finally ready.

And the city’s brewery, Landshark Brewing, has the funding it needs to put it on the map.

The city is looking for a new location to host the festival.

It’ll be the first of its kind in Russia, but the city has plenty of space for beer-related events.

Landsharks already owns the space at the city hall, so it’s the perfect location.

The festival will focus on “the best in Russian craft beer,” Landshkars director of operations, Dmitry Dvorak, told NBC News.

“The beers will be produced in a small brewery in St. Pete, and they will be delivered to the St. Petersian community for a week.”

It’s not the only brewery that has the budget for a beer event, Dvoras said.

There are a number of Russian breweries that have tried to host events before, but none have succeeded.

Landshark is a small, regional brewery that is owned by the city of Landshak, Russia.

It has a focus on producing quality craft beer.

Dvoraks hopes the event will help the city become a destination for beer lovers.

“This is the first time that a Russian brewery is opening up to the public and offering the best in beer,” he said.

“And I think this will attract tourists and people who want to come to St.

Petersburg and see what Russia is all about.”

Dvorak hopes the festival will attract around 200 people a week.

It will also serve as a showcase for the city, which has become famous for its fine dining and arts scene.

The festival will run from August 15 through Sept. 15.