How to save on beer at the pub August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

As long as you have a big enough belly, you can take advantage of beer specials and other deals at your favourite pubs and bars.

Here’s a guide to getting the best beer at your local pub.


Save on the cheapest beer You may not be able to get the best beers in your local pubs, but there are plenty of good deals out there for bargain prices.

Here are some of the best deals for beer at a pub.

Kegs and cans are generally cheaper than kegs and cans, but you can always find a good deal online if you’re not a beer fan.

Try this beer and the rest for free from the Keg & Can on Victoria Street at Sydney Airport, for example.


Find out how much you’ll save The Beer Institute has compiled a handy guide to help you pick out the best price on beer, as well as finding out how to get a better deal on some other items, such as beer and wine.

You can find this guide in English and French at the Beer Institute website.


Shop online for deals You’ll find some deals online for beer on websites such as, and, as a general rule.

These sites usually have a selection of different beers available, but don’t be shy about checking the ‘deals’ section to see if there’s anything you can’t find at a particular shop.

For example, if you want a pint of Pilsner Urquell for under $3, try the shop.

But you’ll need to search around to find the right deal online.

If you’re going to drink, it’s better to go to a pub, as they usually offer the best selection of beer and other drinks.

Try the Beer Shop, Beer Shop Melbourne, and Beer Shop Sydney for more deals.


Look out for discounts You can usually find discounts on beer in most pubs, which means you’ll be saving on some items when you go out.

If there’s a good beer deal at the bar, for instance, you may be able get a free drink.

If not, ask the barman for a discount.

If a deal isn’t available, you could always ask your pub manager to come to your house to check.


Try your luck on a drink in a different bar You can also try out a different local bar or pub to see what you’re getting for your money.

Try one of these for a few bucks, then see if it’s a deal worth keeping.

Try The Beer Store at Kings Cross, for $3.99, or The Beer Shop in the CBD, for just $2.99.


Try beer at an outdoor pub Try one outdoors, as it can be cooler.

If it’s not too hot, try one with a cooler, as this will help you cool down the beer and keep the alcohol cooler.


Drink more in the car if you don’t have a car You may have a spare car or truck with you, but if you need to go out for a drink, there’s always the option to have it driven.

This is a good idea if you can afford it, as you can drive the beer home if you lose the car.

You could get a car that’s been sitting for months at a garage sale or just have a handy old friend drive you to your local bar.

Or you could have a friend pick up the car for you.

Just make sure you’re comfortable driving it yourself.

You don’t need a chauffeur if you’ve got a car.


Buy a bottle at a petrol station If you have petrol, you’re better off buying a bottle rather than a keg or can.

This will help keep the beer cold longer, while it still has a little bit of alcohol left.

Look for the best petrol stations in your area, as these often have better beer deals.

There are a couple of pubs that sell kegs or cans at cheaper prices, but remember to be wary of some of these outlets.


Avoid going to the pub alone You might think you can drink at the local pub for free, but the risk is increasing as you get older.

The Beer Forum has an excellent guide to saving on beer.


Use a credit card for discounts and rewards If you’ve bought something from the Beer Store, The Beer Trust or The Trust of the Brewery, there may be some great discounts to be had at your nearest petrol station or a local supermarket.

If the price is lower, you might be able for a bigger discount at a discount store, such the Beer Exchange or The Shop, for around half the price.

But remember that many petrol stations and supermarkets don’t carry a loyalty scheme.


Drink your own beer You can get your own glass of beer at home, so it’s never too late to try something new.

You’ll probably want to try some of Australia’s best brews, so check out some of our recommendations below.