The Root Beer Apocalypse: A Root Beer Revolution in a Bottle August 2, 2021 August 2, 2021 admin

A lot of beer drinkers will soon have to buy their own root beer in order to drink root beer, thanks to a recent legal battle between the breweries and the government.

As the Associated Press reports, the brewers and their lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, saying the administration is misinterpreting a law that bars them from using imported beer.

The root beer industry has fought for years to have its products labeled with the correct information.

But in the wake of Trump’s win, the government reversed course and is now attempting to rewrite the law in order for breweries to keep selling their products.

If the case goes forward, it could force root beer manufacturers to pay a hefty price in federal excise taxes.

A few key details of the case have already been revealed: the Brewers Association, which represents the world’s largest brewing companies, filed the lawsuit against Trump on behalf of a number of the nation’s craft brewers.

The case stems from a 2008 law called the Agricultural Trade Act, which states that breweries are forbidden from using foreign ingredients or products, such as “foreign fruit and vegetable juice,” and that breweries must disclose what ingredients are imported into the United States.

The Brewers Association argues that the prohibition against importation of root beer is outdated and outdated because it’s only been around for 18 months, which is why the law should be amended to cover new products.

The group also argues that a number the law was never intended to affect, namely, root beer.

In the lawsuit, the group says the law is outdated because root beer products are still imported from China and India.

The Trump administration has said that this is not the case.

The American Beverage Association, the industry trade group that represents the industry, disagrees.

They argue that the trade law is based on “history,” not the current law.

“The Trade Act of 1887 [was] enacted because of the popularity of root beers in the United Kingdom and other countries and because of a desire to protect American consumers from foreign imports,” the association said in a statement to the AP.

“That history has changed since the passage of the Trade Act.”

The industry is also concerned that the Trump Administration will make it more difficult for them to sell their products in the future.

The White House did not respond to The Verge’s request for comment on this story.