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By Kate R. DavisPublished Nov. 11, 2018 10:08:50I’ve always had a passion for beer cheese, and this weekend I was lucky enough to finally find out what the best cheese is in Madison.

It turns out, Madison Beer cheese is quite possibly the most underrated cheese in the state.

The Wisconsin Cheese Institute and the Madison Cheese Federation have named Madison Beer Cheeses the “Best Cheese in Wisconsin” for 2018.

Madison Beer Cheese is made by a team of artisan cheesemakers who combine the best of cheesemaking traditions with Wisconsin’s unique cheesemakery traditions.

Madison Beer is made from only the finest ingredients in the region and a Wisconsin Cheese Council certified by the American Cheese Council, and the cheese is sourced from a variety of Wisconsin farms, restaurants and local farmers.

Madison Cheese is also certified by local and state agencies to comply with the American Dairy Council’s Dairy Milk and Egg Quality Standards and the Wisconsin Cheese Board’s Dairy Product Safety Standards.

Madison is home to over 70 breweries that brew, make and distribute beer.

Some of these breweries are based in the Madison area; some are located in the Milwaukee area, but all have breweries in the Capital Region.

Madison’s largest craft brewery, Blue Moon Brewing, produces the Blue Moon Ale and a variety with its own signature brew.

The Blue Moon Brewery and the Blue Hill Brewery in downtown Madison serve beers from around the world, including Belgian beers, craft beers and the popular Blue Moon Cider.

Blue Moon Brewing has a very diverse beer lineup.

Their popular brew, Blue Sun IPA, is available in 18-ounce cans, but their Blue Moon Blonde Ale is also available in 12-ounce, 12-oz and 16-ounce can versions.

Blue Moon also offers a variety beers, including seasonal offerings like their IPA Blue Moon Summer IPA, their Summer Beer and their Double IPA.

Blue Sun Brewing is located at 1455 S. Green Bay Road, Madison, WI 53703.