When caguamas are no longer a thing – the future is here August 1, 2021 August 1, 2021 admin

A future with caguas is not quite there, and that is exactly what the brewers behind one of the country’s most sought after beer styles are aiming for.

Caguas are a type of fermented fruit, but with a different name to the other famous citrus fruits.

These are a mix of the berries of the cactus Cactaceae, with the added benefit of being a good source of protein.

The beers, which have been brewed for the last five years by Caguas Brewing Co., have received acclaim from international tastings.

They are a favourite among craft beer aficionados.

And they have been a major draw at a number of festivals.

In a recent tasting, the beers were called the “most anticipated beers of the year”.

And that was before they were introduced to the country.

“It was quite a big surprise to us that we got so much hype from the locals,” said Caguans Brewmaster, Todrick Roussos.

“The popularity has grown so much that now we are really happy that we can give our fans something to enjoy.”

There are some people who are really hungry for a Caguamás beer, and we are doing it to satisfy them.

“We’re also going to keep brewing these beers to keep the demand high.

We’re really proud of the quality of our beers, and are hoping that we’ll get a lot of people enjoying these.”

The beer is a collaboration between the Caguadas, and the brewer is part owner of the Cargill Group.

He said the Cachigas are doing the brewing in the hope of creating a unique product.

“If they are successful, then we will have a whole new market for Caguares beer,” he said.

“In our beer, the Cahuamas have been the symbol of the people and the culture, and it’s important for us to do that, to make sure that our beers have the same quality and taste.”

Cargill and the Caucias have worked closely together for more than a decade to develop Cahuas as a product.

It is the result of the partnership, and Roussesos said they have learned a lot about beer production and how to make a beer with the same taste.

“A lot of things that are happening in our industry are just getting started,” he explained.

“With the Cachi, we are not only the first company to have a brand new brand, but the first one to have it for five years.”

For Todrey Rousso, the beer is also a way to raise money for his family, and to give back to his community.

“They know what they’re doing, and they’re really passionate about it,” he shared.

“I think they want to do good things for the community, and for their community, they want Cachi beer to be a part of it.”

Hopefully people can appreciate the quality that we have, and also that we’re doing it for their sake.