A Blue Moon beer that’s all about beer – and you’re not supposed to drink it September 26, 2021 September 26, 2021 admin

Blue Moon Brewing in the UK has launched a new beer with a unique beer flavour: it’s all-Canadian!

The brewery’s new brew is called Blue Moon Belgian Brown Ale, which has been brewed using Belgian wheat and Belgian malts in a new, Belgian style yeast strain.

The beer is called Belgian Brown because the beer’s Belgian origin has been preserved through the process of fermentation.

It was developed using a Belgian yeast strain which is a strain that’s found in the country of Belgium, according to the brewery.

The strain, known as Brettanomyces Brettanovirus (BBV), has been a staple of Belgian brewing for centuries.

Blue Moon says the beer is named after the Canadian province of Ontario, Canada, where the beer was brewed.

The brewery said it’s been in the works for years and was born out of the desire to explore the world’s largest brewer’s market.

Blue Moons founder David Lefevre said the name reflects the beer style that he and his partners wanted to create.

He said the beer has a Belgian-style, rich and complex taste.

“The beer is a little bit like an English ale,” Lefvre said.

“Belgian beer has always been about Belgian style beer and that’s where we want to take it.” “

A beer with such a strong flavour, Lef. “

Belgian beer has always been about Belgian style beer and that’s where we want to take it.” 

A beer with such a strong flavour, Lef.

said, was a challenge.

“I think the beer tastes a little different to what most people are used to, especially when it comes to beer,” he said.

The Belgian Brown ale was launched in Canada last month, and is available in both draft and packaged form.

The Canadian version of the beer can be found in grocery stores and online.

Lefivre said Blue Moon has launched its beer in the United States, where it’s available in stores, including the Target store in Chicago. 

 The Blue Moon brew has already been picked up by local bars in Ontario, including Blue Moon, and Blue Moon in Ontario.

The brew is being bottled and sold through the Ontario Craft Beer Association, the province’s craft beer association, which says it’s the first craft brewery to receive such a distinction. 

In addition to Blue Moon’s beer, Lifesent, which is also the name of Lefvire’s company, is producing a beer called Red Lefy, which also uses the Brettanomys strain. 

Lifesents Red Leey is available at LCBO stores and will be available in grocery and convenience stores, Liefsent said. 

Blue Moon’s new beer has been described as a Belgian Brown with an earthy, citrusy taste.


said Blue Leeys Belgian Brown is a unique flavour that will complement the beer.

Blue Moon, which started as a family business in 1997, is the second-largest craft brewer in Canada behind Goose Island Brewery.