Drink grapefruit beer? It’s the best thing you’ll drink September 26, 2021 September 26, 2021 admin

You might think that if you’re going to drink grapefruit, you’d want to try something a little different, so why not a beer that tastes like it’s made with a little citrus and a dash of tropical fruit?

That’s exactly what’s happened.

The drink’s called Schlitz Beer and it’s the result of the team of scientists who discovered the fruit-infused beer that’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The company’s marketing director Mark Fennell explained to the BBC: We found grapefruit in a fruit salad.

We put the lemon peel in it and it fermented.

We just thought, why not?

We decided to make a beer made with citrus and the tropical fruit.

The fruit flavor is really distinctive and the drink is fruity and refreshing.

It tastes like grapefruit and you taste the citrus fruit in the beer.

If you can drink it with a big glass of wine, that’s probably going to make you feel pretty happy.

The beer has been in bottles and cans since 2012, and now you can order one of these delicious craft beers at the Schlitz Pub in London.

The brewery was founded in 2011 and its founder, Tom Daley, said he’s not a big beer drinker and thought that “people would be really interested in it”.

But the beer has become a hit among people of all ages, with people of both genders enjoying it and even enjoying the beer themselves.

Mr Fennel explained that “our customer base has been so varied, we just didn’t realise that”.

And what’s more, the beer is getting rave reviews from both craft beer drinkers and beer aficionados, with many people calling it their favourite beer ever.

You can check out more of the new beers on the company’s website.

And for those who think the beer tastes just like wine, there are also a couple of new wines that can be found on the Schliz website, including a pair of wines from Belgium and a brand from the US.