New Belgium Brewing: Craft beer delivery is ‘cool’ for craft beer fans September 1, 2021 September 1, 2021 admin

New Belgium, the largest craft beer producer in the United States, said it is adding beer delivery services to its lineup.

The company said Monday it is planning to begin using the service, which it said is similar to those offered by restaurants and cafes, to deliver beer and beer-related products from stores to its breweries in Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

“Craft beer fans are just starting to learn about the new delivery service that we are building to deliver craft beer directly to their doorsteps,” New Belgium President and COO Joe Rich said in a statement.

“We are excited to expand this service to other states and to our customers in the months ahead.”

The company’s service will begin next year.

“It will make it easier for our customers to order craft beer, get a taste, and enjoy it while they wait for their orders to arrive,” Rich said.

Beer and beer delivery have long been a niche business in the U.S., but the beer industry has become more competitive and there is less of an expectation for a big beer company to handle all of the logistical details.

Some craft brewers have also started using the craft beer delivery service as a way to make extra money and attract fans to their events.

Craft beer is growing rapidly in the craft market, but it remains a niche market, and a lot of people don’t know about it.

“There are many more people who aren’t interested in craft beer than there are craft brewers,” said Ryan Krumholz, a senior beer analyst at BeerAdvocate.

“A lot of those people are fans of the beers they like, but they’re not necessarily interested in the beer itself.”

For some craft brewers, getting beer delivered to their tap rooms is just a way of tapping into the growing interest in craft brewing.

“People are really starting to understand that they can get more value from this,” said Chris Wiebe, founder of the beer blog

“This is really exciting for them.

It’s a way for them to engage with the beer, which they are not necessarily doing when they go to the grocery store or grocery store in-store.”